Friday, October 17, 2008

Let's go shopping for cat (and maybe dog) stuff!

Custom Pet Night Lights

Kitschy Katz

Feel Good Frames

Wall Decorations

Immortal Cat

Kat Bird

A Cat's Tale

***I haven't bought from any of these sites. Use your own judgment if you want to order something from any of them. Just be careful my friends.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

These are all 9-11 stuff

My Take On Life: Past and Present this is a blog entry with a slide show of pictures from 9-11, very touching.

Tribute to America


America Will Never Forget...

Pray for the USANational PrayerUnited We StandThe Day America Cried


Click here: USA Patriotic Tunes - Jack's "MIDI Music"

The Rescue Effort Begins 9/11/2001

Headlines from Newspapers. See CoverPagesIN GOD WE TRUST

Our Light Shines On

A Giant Has Been Awakened

Talking With Kids About NewsClick here: 30 Foreign Terrorist Organizations

Help Out This Nation Wide Effort

Support Our Troops

Any Soldier -- you pick who to send to and send your own package

America Supports You -- how America is supporting her troops, you can send messages and the troops have sent messages you can read

Adopt A Platoon -- program to "support" 4 or more soldiers

Armed Forces Tribute -- a tribute site

Treats for Troops -- you can buy and send pre-packaged packages.

America Supports YouPen Pals For Soldiers - HomeKeystone Soldiers - Penpals and History Center

**before sending money be sure to check out the organization yourself. i am not in any way endorseing -- or not -- any site listed in this journal.

Pictures (Photos)

Cute Overload -- cute picutres

Flickr -- put in a "keyword" and see what picture pops up

I am really Sad -- cute pictures

Kitten War -- pic the cutest

Stuff On My Cat so funny, blog with pictures of her cat with things on it

PostSecret postcards with secrets on them

Mathilda - Cool Urinals

The Night Sky This Week

APOD: 2006 July 10 - Dark Sun Sizzling

Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive

Cereal Box Archive

* PETS - Animals - Dogs - Cats - Cute & Ugly!

Mathilda - Dresses Made by Fruits & Vegetables

Positive Thinking

Theme Pages: Dance of the Christmas Trees

Happy News

To Everybody Back Home [ If I Die Before You Wake]

Notes to Myself

Quotations: Inspirational (The Quotation Station)



Calling All Friends


True Friends ...

Time of year again

Click here: ecard: "Wonderful World (Flash)" by Care2

Hobbies & Home Projects/Improvements

Free Printable Scrapbook Supplies

Home Made Simple ideas and crafts for your home

Real Simple: Life made easier ideas for the home

DIY Network home building/improvement, hobbies, crafts, gardening & woodworking projects

Cards and Crafts

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Games - Daily Crossword Puzzles -- games of all kinds

Little Fluffy -- free online games "wasting your time....and ours."

Orisinal -- tons of games that aren't as easy as they sound

Slingshot Santa -- How far can you throw Santa? Word Detective Word Search Game --- make your own word search game

Daily Word Search Puzzle -- circle the word type puzzles

Daily SUDOKUPuzzle-- Is a placement puzzle, also known as Number Place in the United States. -- puzzle with numbers

Daily Word Jumble -- try to unscrabble words

Miscellaneous Puzzles -- a variety of puzzles to choose from

Place The State - Intermediate -- see how well you know your geography

Decorate the Tree -- without tipping the tree over. Site not in English but you can figure it out. Just drag and ornaments to where you want them on the tree.

Welcome to the Hollywood Stock Exchange Hollywood Stock Exchange, you play with hollywood dollars, they give you when you register. You buy stock in movie stars, movies and singing artists etc. it's only make believe

Guess The TV Show or Movie Name

Play Checkers play against computer

Astaryth tells about some great games Here

Attack of the Mutant Artificial Trees

Bubble Wrap -- go popping mad!!!!!


tangram game

Memory game -- this is hard

Daffy Duck Parachute game

unusual animated jigsaw puzzle

snow bowling

hairball bowling -- yep, cat coughs up a hairball trying to hit bowling pins!

Mini Golf

Beat Your Boss lets you beat up your boss! Fun!!

Knife Throw Ability Game

Fun Stuff - Gangster Gold, Family Guy, Romance Novels, Wanted Posters, Neon Signs, Free Games game. will drive you crazy another parking game!!!! you will become addicted. Angela be sure to give it a try!

Beat up your PC

Icon War

JigZone: Jigsaw Puzzles